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Our funeral home and cemetery finder will help you find a funeral home or cemetery near you.  This site is intended to help you, the consumer, gain valuable information regarding the celebration of life. 

Inside, you will find information about funeral and cemetery products such as caskets , headstones , monuments , cremation urns , burial vaults and markers.  You will also find detailed  information from our Consumer Info section.  Here you will find the answers to the most common questions as well as some not so common questions. 

We do not sell any products on this site.  This site is intended to help the consumer gain valuable knowledge regarding products and services.  Having the product knowledge prior to visiting a funeral home or cemetery will help you make a more informed choice.

All of the funeral homes and cemeteries in our database can be easily found using our search engine located to the right.  Just enter the zip code and state or city and state and our funeral home and cemetery finder will find all the funeral homes and cemeteries in your area.
When you search for funeral homes or cemeteries in your area, you will notice that some locations have an ICFA logo next to their name.  The ICFA (International Cemetery and Funeral Home Association) is the leading death care association in the US.  All ICFA members MUST adhere to the association Code of Ethics and Creed of Ideals.  Please take time to look over these documents so you have a good understanding as to what these members must adhere to.  The ICFA also handles any complaints you might have with one of their members or non-members.  See the Affiliate Links for access to the ICFA website.
Also, when the search results are displayed, you will notice some locations have a website link.  These sites contain information about their own products and services and general information about their facility with contact information. 

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Look for this symbol when choosing a Funeral Home or Cemetery

"Guardians of a Nations Heritage" Promoting Consumer Choices, Prearrangement and Open Competition

The International Cemetery and Funeral Association calls upon its members "to elevate the ethical standards of the industry and to foster a greater respect for the industry by honest and sincere dealing"

Click below for the complete Code of Ethics and Creed Of Ideals that all ICFA member Funeral Homes and Cemeteries MUST adhere to.



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